Pricing Table

U - M - G below come with a 30-Day Free Trial.
Your credit card will not be billed till after the trial.
(Promotion: The first 8 GooPON™ listings in each area are FREE for life.)

U: CaribbeanSAVE™ Listing$20.00 One Time
M: A Mini-Website Listing$50.00 One Time
C: Changes to Landing Page or Mini-Website$5 Each Change
10: Up to a 10 Second Power Intro Video$50.00 One Time
20: Up to a 20 Second Power Intro Video$80.00 One Time
T: Talking Avatar Video$120.00 One Time
L: Add a 2nd or more languages to Avatar Video$30 for Each Language.
V: Full Video ProductionCustom Pricing
VR: Virtual TourCustom Pricing
G: GooPON™ Coupon Listing (First 8/area FREE.)$20.00 One Time. Changes Free.
If both G and U Listings$30.00 One Time

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What Consumers See


Brought to you by BAIHSOL

Because of some Key International Partnerships, we are able to bring the touchlessconnect™ system to the Islands and connect Merchants to Consumers in ways never before possible.

This system will become the clearing house to Find the Best Local Businesses, Save Money and allow patrons to connect with merchants However they want, and most importantly, When and Where they want.
Here is a Personal Message from Whitney Bain, C.E.O. of BIAHSOL Consultancy.