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Business Owners:   Free Tools you simply won't believe.
Adapt and Adjust to the New Touchless Norm.
Leverage the Mobile Device like Never Before.
Don't just Recover, it's time to GROW.
FREE GooMAPS and CaribbeanSAVE Listings.

Consumers:  Free International App.
Make your Smart Phone a LOT SMARTER.
Shop Local and Support Local Businesses.
Save Time, Save MONEY.
Touchless Connect - Commerce - Information.
Stay Informed and Engaged.
Works Throughout the Islands and the USA.

Are you Ready to get a Jump on the Future?
It' Here Now.

Get the APP.

Buy in the Caribbean.
Buy at LOWER Pricing.
Save our Caribbean Way of Life.
Find the best deals on Auto-pilot.
Buy and stay LOYAL to a Business.
Most importantly, Have Fun.

Download appSAVE® today and get the Best Local Deals, on Auto-Pilot.

See "Consumers" above for more.


Brought to you by BIAHSOL.

Because of some Key International Partnerships, we are able to bring the appSAVE® system to the Islands and connect Merchants to Consumers in ways never before possible.

This system will become the clearing house to Find the Best Local Businesses, Save Money and allow patrons to connect with merchants However they want, and most importantly, When and Where they want.

Here is a Personal Message from Whitney Bain, C.E.O. of BIAHSOL Consultancy.

Free System for your Organization

FREE GeoFence for Organizations:

Members...Get the Announcements, Messages and Alerts you need from your Organization or Group on Auto-Pilot, and TOUCHLESS.

We GIVE Schools, Churches, Cities, Golf Courses, HOA's, or any Non-Profit Organization a FREE system that will allow them to stay in touch with you and deliver timely alerts when you approach the facility, or wherever they deem the messages appropriate. It's FREE and remains Free as long as they need.

If they haven't heard about this, tell them.
It's FREE and they have total control over the messages & timing, 
(Thanks to for this footage.)