This page is dedicated to those who think this process can be done without the customer having an app.

There are competitors making this claim right now.

Sure they work for a little while, but you need to understand what is happening.

 Just below are the three biggest claims and you need to pay particular attention to the Link on the second point.

1. Our system Does not require an opt in. Messages are automatic without the user doing anything. No app required.

2. Our system finds their phone when it's in range and sends the message. No App needed.

3. Messages are displayed as banner ads on over 600,000 websites and apps.

Let's first address these first three points.

#1. No Opt-in required.
Remember Google Nearby? They didn't require an opt-in either and they ended up making the decision to shut it down rather than fight all the class action Law Suits that were coming at them. Do you actually think the companies making these claims are bigger than Google?

Just look at all the apps currently being developed to BLOCK these ad-blast companies. Do you like it when YOU get blasted with ads you didn't subscribe to?
Go ahead and Google VPN (Virtual Private Network.) People are simply sick and tired of these unsolicited ads constantly hitting their PC or Mobile Device and they are willing to pay in order to have it stop. Companies that develop the VPN's are doing very well right now and all of them are growing.  

Folks are looking for ways to Filter Out the Noise, that constant blast of ads.
We give them that. They get What they want, When and Where they want it.

#2. Our system find their phone.
How do you think those ads hit your phone? Whenever you visit a website that little Cookie warning pops up. When you agree to continue you are agreeing to be Spammed. In fact, the Federal Government now mandates that any company using Cookies to capture information MUST disclose this.
Folks are on to the game and the % who refuse the cookies is growing. 
Folks HATE those pop-up ads and will go to great lengths to block them. Go ahead and Google pop-up blockers, see for yourself.

We have an entire presentation on this and other topics. In it you will see just Why you need appSAVE®, how it grows virally, why customers accept it and gladly download the app, and more.

#3. Displayed as banner ads on over 600,000 websites and apps
Here's a thought, ask them to name a thousand or so sites. Shouldn't be too hard since they claim over 600,000. They will have an excuse or some double talk. The dirty little secret is the end user Must be on a website for these ads to pop-up, and it must be one of the sites they work with.
Many will even try to add these pop-up's to sites without permission and there some growing legal issues in that regard. In the direction this is heading, YOU could be liable because it was YOUR ad that popped up.
> These systems are nothing more than a Phishing deal and if you don't know what that is you might want to do some research.
> Most of these companies SELL your captured information to other Spammers. 

Data Breach?
We WILL NOT link to any outside sites because that simply invites even more SPAM and a much higher risk for a data breach.

Several also claim their "Polygon" marking method for outlining a geofenced area is better but what they don't tell you is this...
> THEY must do it and they charge you a fee for doing so.
> These systems aren't portable or expandable. A New one must be created each time.
> This method dramatically slows the response time on mobile. See below. 

Just look at the graphic with a simple polygon example. The phone must communicate and accept data transfer rxchange from TEN different locations, vs. ONE for our system. And keep in mind theirs also works through a website which in most cases (according to Google) is already slow.
Also, every time Android or Apple make a change, they must also change their system and YOU pay for these extra changes. This one of the reasons their monthly fees are so high.

A few years back Samsung, the worlds largest cell phone manufacturer, made the statement that they were going to build the ability to automatically receive messages directly into the phone without the opt-in mechanism. Essentially eliminate the need for a beacon or geofenced app with the opt-in.

The FTC Said No you Won't. If you put that into your phone you won't sell any in the USA.
Companies who try and circumvent the rules, like the 3 points above, are living on borrowed time, and frankly they know it.

Just below are some additional points.

Mostly Hype.

Most of the companies in the Geotargeting space have systems that are are severely lacking so they employ slick Marketing tactics to dress it up.  Pretty much EVERY Competitor was affected by the demise of Google Nearby, that is everyone but us! We Own our own Code, we are the Developers. Our system is solid and was built from the ground up as a stand-alone system independent of other systems. It is functional and will remain so no matter what Google, Bing, Windows, Apple or Android do.
Our system just WORKS.

No User Control.

These companies don't offer the user a filter control or user opt-in mechanism. Anyone who uses their system or downloads their app gets Constantly Bombarded with messages. As you saw above, this is what caused Google to shut down.
These companies have no way for the customer to throttle messages, categorize them, filter out what they don't want, receive messages based upon THEIR needs, etc. To summarize, the Shotgun approach ALWAYS results one of two outcomes: 
Uninstalling the App or Filing a Complaint, and many times Both.

If they have a Beacon option, you MUST use Only theirs.

Many want you to be in the hardware business and they only support THEIR beacon.
Why would you tie yourself into a single manufacturer and be under their control? Just look at all the computer companies and resellers that have failed in just the past two years because of hardware.
Only Beacons:
Many of these companies only support Beacons, and two of them only support Android. This is a tremendous limitation for any business because it forces them to purchase a beacon even if that's not the best solution for their needs.
Those that do offer GeoFences are either prohibitively expensive or have antiquated systems that have Severe Usability issues when any area approaches 20+ devices connecting by Beacon or GeoFence simultaneously. 
We support ALL beacon manufacturers and aren't limited as to how many beacons or geofences are active in an area or requesting information at any given time.


Here is an area where we truly Excel.
We can supply a functional Geofence, Loyalty program, Beacon or NFC link to a business for an entire month of unlimited use for what the local newspaper charges for just two days of a small, classified ad.
If that doesn't convince you, go ahead and get the pricing from the competition.
Nobody Beats our Price.

Not all Customer Loyalty Systems are Alike

Most are antiquated systems converted over from other programs and many require additional hardware and a separate app. Those Stamp systems and Loyalty Kiosks are a total disaster. Again we are back to the hardware issue. Just more money to tie up in inventory and hardware issues to deal with.
Our TouchlessLoyalty™ system has Ten Times the power and features of Any program out there and it's built right into appSAVE®.

Multiple Products

We are also the Only company with multiple products, all incorporated directly into our main program with a menu system. A HUGE FEATURE of our system is every customer gets a full analytics tool complete with HeatMaps.

We give More for Free than many companies can even offer for sale.
Take just two of our systems, ScanOfTheDay™ and GooPON™.
Why would you Pay someone for the privilege of giving stuff away? That's just crazy. Doesn't it sound better to have systems that let you control what you do and how you incentivize customers to do more without having to pay extra?
And doesn't it make sense to be able to Track the effectiveness of those programs?
We put YOU in control.

Additional Services

Our goal is to help our clients succeed and we have a host of tools to offer.
We can help with all the Digital Marketing needs of a a client from Apps to Wi-fi and everything in between. We show you not only what works, but how and why.
How about working with a business on a Killer Website? Got you covered.
Marketing Consultant? If you have one you are paying a lot.
Video Marketing? If you aren't doing it you BETTER.
How about an Email Marketing System?
And that's just a sampling.
Our goal is for you to Market SMARTER, not more expensively.